The services are always tailored based on the interests and needs of your organization. By applying the pragmatic and systematic development approach together with timely measurements the innovation capability of your development team and organization is enhanced.


This project enables your organization to identify and realize the opportunity for the next great product, service, or process.


The aim of this project is to coach and train your organization to apply and develop the product development processes effectively and efficiently.


The performance of any operational process, .e.g., from-order-to delivery, can be improved.


Managementum-Innovation Test™:
This test will help you to understand how innovations are managed in your organization. After the test you are better able to plan and develop innovation management.


Managementum Ideas-to-innovation™ -seminar:
Seminars in the area of innovation management are designed and tailored based on the needs of your organization. Seminars range from 1 hour to half day, and workshops from one half day to several days. Examples of the topics are as follows:


  1. Manage Innovation: Gives a broad view in the area of innovation management.
  2. Innovation Opportunity
  3. Innovation Strategy
  4. How to use real options in innovation projects
  5. New Venture Creation


 Contact us and we will identify how we can serve your company or organization in innovation management region.